WiMaker Trip Study Ear Plugs for Students(1 Pair Large Size with fitler,1 Pair Small Size with fitle)

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  • Made of high-quality liquid silicone rubber(LSR) materials, more soft and comfortable to wear
  • Come with a handy carry bottle, easy to store and carry the ear plugs.
  • Reusable and washable, please keep them clean after wearing.
  • Be suitable for Long-term wear and Daily study in noise sceen ,because students feel they are so soft ,comfortable,durable and high-quality.
  • The most important is that Can be reused,these earplugs can use again and again ,just need to wash them after you use them.
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Size: 2 pairs different sizes-one is large size,another is samll size.The labor protection earplugs which are suitted for study in noise sceen .
Color: The earmuffs are transparent color,the filters are pink color and the packaging bottles are red color.
Package:1 pair large size,1 pair small size,1 packaging bottle,2 Cotton swabs,1 aluminum outer package.
1.Please clean your ears before using earplugs.
2.Please insert the earplugs slowly into the ears and make them close to the ears,to ensure that the earplugs and ears achieve the best using effects.
The filters should be removed from the earmuffs and be cleaned individually.The earmuffs can be washed with clean water. The filters can be cleaned with a soft wet cloth which is not easy to lose hair,and they cannot be immersed in water or washed with chemicals so as not to damage the filters and affect the using effect.
Scenes to be used :
* When you wear the earplugs in a high noise environment,you do not need to take them off yet you can still communicate conveniently,so that they can protect your ears all the time.


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